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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

The purpose of emergency lighting is to ensure the lighting is provided promptly, automatically and for a suitable time when the normal power supply to the lighting fails to ensure that people within the building can evacuate safely in the event of an emergency. Emergency lighting can be provided by means of local self-contained batteries mounted within the emergency luminaire or by a central battery wired via a dedicated network to the emergency fittings.

Cooper Safety’s undisputed leadership in self-contained emergency luminaires, slave and exit sign luminaires, central battery systems and addressable automatic testing and visualisation systems derives from an unmatched pool of knowledge and expertise combined with world-class global resources that deliver:

  • Reduced power consumption and environmental impact through innovative technologies
  • Extensive range of installed systems around the world complying with all major safety lighting standards
  • Maintenance costs and carbon footprint reduction combined with increased efficiency and reliability

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