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New Moduseal 2 Range of Fluorescent and LED Luminaires for Recessed and Surface Applications

Mar 26, 2015

Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of a new recessed and surface lighting product range featuring fluorescent or LED technology as the main light source. The new Moduseal 2 range provides a complete solution for a diverse range of industries where hygiene and protection are of paramount importance, such as healthcare, manufacturing and food production.

“The Moduseal 2 is a completely redesigned range that incorporates many new and improved features. One of the most striking features of the range is the elimination of screws within the frame,” said Andy Gallacher, product marketing manager, Eaton. “This allows for a cleaner appearance than before, which is more visually appealing and offers an additional level of hygiene for sterile or clean environments”.

The Moduseal 2 range is IP65 dust tight and water jet proof protected from below in a choice of recessed and surface bodies. The luminaires’ rear body also features IP54 protection against ingress.

Additionally, the clean minimal lines of the frames allows for a large diffuser area, leading to a greater efficiency. All diffusers are high performance TPa fire rated* for use within emergency exit routes.

Furthermore, the T5 luminaire options in the range are prismatic panel or louvred. The louvred options ensures the Moduseal 2 can be used where video display terminals (VDTs) are installed in the workplace complying with the luminance limits set out in European lighting standard EN12464-1.

“The luminaires also feature an integrated LED emergency option with three-hour duration, giving a highly efficient design solution and thus minimising installation points,” concluded Gallacher.

* Thermoplastic type ‘a’, as defined in UK Building Regulations

For more information on the new Moduseal 2, visit, e-mail or call +44 (0)1302 303200.