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Markets: Our expert approach meets the needs of our customers and has helped us to play a pivotal role in many highly successful projects.

With an enviable reputation for quality and performance, Cooper Safety has become the partner of choice for many companies operating in demanding environments. Our expert approach to meeting the needs of our customers has helped us to play a pivotal role in many highly successful residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Comprehensive Solutions

From large complex retail locations, sporting venues and airports to highly-regulated healthcare facilities, luxury hotel resorts and offshore oil platforms, we work as a partner at all levels to deliver technical, integration and logistics support at every stage of a project to provide:

  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • More safe and secure environments
  • Regulatory compliance

Expertise built on experience

You can rely on Cooper Safety’s technological expertise and industry experience to meet world-class standards while helping you solve your operating challenges and respond effectively to your current and future needs.